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Why Does My Dog Dig?

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Why Does My Dog Dig?

I began my research into this after our next door neighbors had a dog that spent most of his time digging up their yard.

His digging seemed to go along with the time of day, if it weren’t for the time of day he would be doing it all day long. At first I believed that he was just digging to get out of the heat, but after recognizing his signal in the last week he started at about 8am.

Now I was beginning to think that there was something physical about his digging that I wasn’t getting.

If you have a dog who starts digging at about 8am, and won’t stop, please check out this link on how to stop dog digging:Stop Your Dog’s Digging Now

The reason that we believe that there is a connection between the time of day and the intensity of dog digging is because we have spent the last two weeks trying to punish him one time after another, and nothing worked. He would go out and , and we’d bring him back in, and he’d dig. Two whole weeks of this and we were about ready to give him up. When something new happened, like our neighbors Pull syndrome, or our son’s dog coming to life, we’d all just kind of give up.

I didPrimary research on why dogs , and learned that there are three basic reasons they do.

The first is that dogs have the same instincts as moles when it comes to digging. They smell, they , and they want to find cool earth. These are the only reasons we really don’t want them up our yards. Trying to fix this behavior is really just a matter of getting them to know that it isn’t OK to dig for fun, and redirecting them to a different behavior.

The second reason they do it is because they are trying to stay cool. It’s the same as why dogs like to get out of the sun and into a cooler area to get to some of their needed minerals and water.

The third reason, and perhaps the most important reason, is just boredom. They just want some attention from you. The more active dog breeds like to be active and burn off some of their energy. For example, if you have a border collie, a borzoi, or any kind of working dog like a keener, they need to be exercised at least once a day in some kind of multi-purpose outside space to help burn off their energy.


As you can see, just as the two dogs I mentioned earlier, they are programmed to dig. However, they are also smart enough to be trained not to .

This link is the best resource I found to explain the reason why dogs , and how to stop this behavior:Stop Your Dog’s Digging – Yourrightdoing it and stop it today! สล็อตเเว็บตรงเเตกง่าย

Second, if you have an older dog, the tendency might be that it is just a reflex of its previous lifestyle. If a dog was kept outside, then it might be just trying to hide its identity, or it might be just bored. Your dog might keep digging due to either the above or the hidden “other” reason. If bored, you can easily remedy that by exercising your dog more, or paying it some attention if it is an attention-conscious dog.

You can solve both of these problems by exercising your dog either more, or just paying some attention. I can attest to the latter. If you keep your dog occupied and stimulated with toys and games, it will most likely respond to your commands much better and stop digging.

Thirdly, and finally, if you happen to see some other along the fence, keep walking into the other yard and Praise your dog for going through the one that is closed. You ought to do the same in other areas that you see other . Dogs like to discover and engage with other dog’s activities.

This is a genuine challenge to invest in your dog as well as yourself. Nobody wants to come home and find their well-kept lawn ruined. Nobody wants to be scolded by their equally well-mannered dog. And nobody wants to be remembered for what they saw as a bad habit.