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What is Pro Sound?

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What is Pro Sound?

Pro sound is one of the most important factors in making a pro sounding recording. It is all about the highs and the lows, and how you control what is fed into your mixing console. This is all very tricky at the beginning, but you will eventually get it.


If you are the sound engineer or you are setting up the band Philippines, you will most likely have to stick to the studio guidelines for setting up the show. Never ever subdivision the tracks by instrumentation as this can cause the mix to become messy and not structured. If you have to do this, just stick to the formula. Each instrument should be on it’s own track and have it’s own channel. You can also separate the instruments of the chorus, verse, bridge, etc. and keep them all on the same track that is labeled as an instrument. One thing that is very important is that you do not mix the instruments from the vocals. Remember that the vocals are supposed to be the main sound and the other instruments should be providing harmonic and rhythmic accompaniment.

You may also want to consider the individual tracks of the vocals. This is where you will want to separate the vocals from the other instruments. This is actually the opposite of mixing instruments from one another. You want to blurred the distinction between the two, so that when someone listens to the track, they will immediately hear the vocals. After this, it is supposed to be the mixer’s job to sharpen the sound and make it as good as possible.

Another important factor in pro sound is the vocal booth. If you are doing the recording in a studio, then you have a lot of time to get this right. On the other hand, if you are doing it in the comfort of your home, then there are not many variables to worry about, just a few things to be concerned about.

You will need a clear path for air to pass through the vocal booth to keep the sound from interfering with the other instruments. The best way to do this is to have a door with a small hole which will allow the flow of air. Use this air to cool the vocal booth and help trap the sound. Don’t have the big bulk of foam that can beDecent soundproofing. Use the little hole in the door and jam it tightly so the sound cannot escape through the door.

The second factor to keep in mind is that you don’t want to have to get out of the room to get someplace else. This means that once you have defined the location of the vocal booth, you should determine how long you would like to keep it. As much as you would like to keep it for as long as possible, you also don’t want to keep someone else from moving about the room to access the other parts of the room. This also requires a curtain, so you can keep the curtain in position so it can be raised and changed with the room’s access card. If you are doing the whole house, you will have to rent adequate area where you can keep the musicians separate from one another. This also requires a good foundation so you can put the structure down into the ground tight enough so this part cannot be moved.

Great sounding room.


A studio with good sound is so important for it to have that special warm mellow sound. Ideally the whole room should be shaped just right, otherwise you will have to hire some extra people to help you put it together, and this will affect the price. An issue is whether or not you want a real sound muffling filter. These can be custom made, but unless you know exactly what you are looking for, it is best to go with the sound muffling gadgets that came with your speakers.

That is does not mean that you have to roll over and jam, you still need to plan ahead for the bigger picture, this is the way you will improve upon your room. 

So before you start you should define the position of where you want to have the singers practice, this is also important so you don’tmess up the acoustics of the whole room. Remember that each of the performers will bestricken away from the others and this is how you will want it. If you have the time for this, then you really need to make the singers feel free in yourstudio. สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

But you don’t already have your studio right? You may not have a place big enough to gather all the musicians and set them up. Well this is why we don’t recommend you use a medium or large room. When you practice it is important that you keep away from the noise of traffic outside, you don’t want to attract road rageor road block.

Have your performers comfortable, when they are not practicing, they will not be practicing.